We’re excited  to announce the details of our summer and fall lacrosse programs.  Almost all the information you need should be right here in this email. So please read entirely.

First, we’d like to make it clear that our hope is that every interested player will have an opportunity to practice and play in lacrosse tournaments during the summer and fall seasons.  In the past year alone, the number of Shen girls playing competitive off-season lacrosse has sky rocketed.  We had over 100 players just this past fall and over 85 this winter, which is great.  It’s very clear that good things lie ahead for our program.  As you’ll see below, we plan to separate players at each grade into two groups if player numbers allow.  This allows us to place players in the best position for success.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for our Shen Girls Lax players to play outside their normal spring seasons together. This will help them improve individually and as a team.  To accomplish this, we are offering the program outlined below that provides exposure to highly competitive tournaments.  In addition, we will have position focused coaching / training that best aligns the team and individual player for success.

Last fall we offered two groups known as the “local” team and a “road” team.  The road team played in more competitive tournaments and tended to travel a bit further.  Going forward, we will refer to the more competitive road teams as the BLACK teams.  The local / regional teams will be referred to as the GREEN teams.  If you’re fully dedicated to lacrosse and you want to play against the best competition you can find throughout the country, then the Black team for your age group should be your goal.  If you’re relatively new to the game but want to keep growing as a player, the Green teams will provide an opportunity for that with outstanding tournaments on your schedule. Please understand that our ability to offer a Green team schedule hinges on the number of players who show interest at each level and register.

The Gang Green teams for the summer and fall of 2019 will be comprised of current 4th graders through 10th graders.  This summer, the current 4th graders will be “rising 5th graders”.  To avoid all that confusion, we’ll just refer to each group by graduation year.  This is in alignment with most of the tournament’s division naming conventions.  Our goal is to have 8-10 committed players at each grade level to fill Black team rosters first.  Once those teams are full, we will fill Green teams wherever possible. We are grouping graduation years (grade levels) to help build team chemistry that will help as they play together during their Spring school seasons. The rosters will look like this:

Black Teams: 

  1. 2021/2022 Team (current 10/9)
  2. 2023/2024 Team (current 8/7)
  3. 2025/2026 Team (current 6/5)
  4. 2026/2027 Team (current 5/4)
  5. 2028/2029 Team (current 3/2) *See below-TBD*

Green Teams:



The selection process for the teams will vary based on grade level:

  1. Graduation years 2023-2027(current 4th – 8th graders) will have an evaluation from 4:30 to 5:30 on February 27th at the Sportsplex during the normal skills and drills time slot.  This opportunity is open to all Shen girls lacrosse players.  For anyone not registered for the Sportsplex Skills and Drills program, the fee for the evaluation is $25. (check payable to “Shen Youth Lacrosse Clubs”).  Rosters spots for the Summer and Fall teams will be offered within the following week.  If you are not interested in the summer or fall tournament teams but you have been participating in the skills and drills program, you will practice alongside those trying out on 2/27.  In other words, don’t stay home just because you’re not interested in playing on a tournament team.  IF YOUR DAUGHTER WOULD LIKE TO BE EVALUATED FOR A GANG GREEN ROSTER, YOU MUST EMAIL HER NAME AND GRADUATION YEAR TO ME AT andybullock@nycap.rr.com.
  2. Black team rosters for graduation years 2021-2022 (current sophomores & freshmen) will be made by invitation, so these players will NOT participate in an evaluation.  Invitations for these rosters will also go out during the week of March 1st.
  3. Current 2ndand 3rd graders will be offered a summer tournament program as well.  We will gauge interest for this team during the Spring Rec season as we did last year.  If there is enough interest, we will request input from Rec coaches to create these rosters.  There is no “tryout” scheduled and no commitment needed at this time.  The tournament schedules below do not necessarily apply to these 2028-2029 players.

Commitment: We understand that your kids play other sports.  Players will have the option to accept their spot on both the summer and fall rosters OR choose to just play in one of the two seasons.  We are offering a discount for players who commit to play in both seasons.


Practice: Teams will train twice weekly in the afternoon on campus.  Currently, we are looking at Tuesdays and Thursdays starting later May to prepare for the first tournament.  This is subject to change based on field availability and tournament travel schedules.  We’ll communicate the practice schedule shortly after rosters have been created.  While we understand that summer means vacation, we will set clear expectations around practice attendance heading into the summer.  Tournament prep time is important if we want to compete at the next level.  The tournament schedule is subject to change for the Green Teams.

Black team tournament schedules:

1) Girls of Summer, Tully NY – 6/8, 6/9

2) IWLCA New England Cup, Amherst, MA (UMASS) 2020/2021 ONLY – 6/8, 6/9

2) Project 120, Lawrenceville, NJ – 6/22, 6/23

3) The Grind, West Chester PA – 7/6, 7/7

4) Summit 7s Lake Placid – 8/7, 8/8 (not yet confirmed and for all teams, but we need another shot at this one)

Green team tournament schedules:

1) Girls of Summer, Tully NY – 6/8, 6/9

2) Star Spangled Banner, Baldwinsville, NY 6/29, 6/30

3) 1812 Shootout, Sackets Harbor, NY 7/13, 7/14

*This schedule MAY apply to the 2028/2029 team if viable

Player fees:

All practices and tournaments:

Black teams – $600

Green teams – $400

Possible 2028/2029 team – $200 (estimate)

*A $100 deposit is required to confirm your participation and remaining player fees can be paid in installments prior to the first practice in late May. If you select both summer and fall option, the remaining player fees need to be paid in full by August.

Uniform fees: All rostered players must purchase their Gang Green uniform from our chosen vendor by a date to be determined in the Spring. Uniforms will include a jersey, shorts / kilt, and shooting shirt. The cost should not exceed $125. We are still determining the best options and costs.


Practice: With soccer and field hockey in full swing, our plan for fall ball is to hold Sunday practices for players in middle school and up once again.  As we have in the past, we will work with these school teams to reduce / eliminate schedule conflicts.  As always, your in-season sport is your priority.  We’ll hold practices for elementary school players on weeknights as we have in the past (days and times to be determined).

Black team tournament schedules:

  1. Laxtoberfest, Liverpool, NY – 10/7
  2. The Big Chill, Devens, MA – 10/19, 10/20
  3. T3 Diamond Games, Flemington NJ – 11/16, 11/17
  4. SOL Games / IWLCA Presidents Cup, West Palm Beach, FL – 11/22 – 11/24 *Additional fees will apply for this trip and is separate from the fall program. STAY TUNED for the details of this exciting opportunity. 

Green team tournament schedules 

Many of the Green team Fall tournaments we’re interested in have not been scheduled yet.  As tournaments announce dates and open registration, we will register our teams.  It’s possible that our Green teams may attend some of the same tournaments listed above.

Player fees:

All practices and tournaments:

Black teams – $500

Green teams – $400

Possible 2028/2029 team – $200 (estimate)

Uniform fees:

Any Fall players who didn’t play for a Summer team must purchase their Gang Green Uniform from our chosen vendor heading into the fall, please reference the uniform information listed above.  Summer players will use their same uniforms.


Players who commit to their Summer and Fall roster will receive a discount in the area of 10%.  A sibling discount will also be offered.  Our exact discounts will be clearer once we set rosters and see the final player count across all teams.

WINTER Program 2019-2020: Will be announced in the Fall.  We are looking at 3 to 4 tournaments along with other indoor opportunities to keep a stick in players hands.  The winter tournaments have proven to really help players prepare for upcoming seasons and to continue working on their stick skills.


Mike Ballard – 2021/2022 Black Team  (High School level teams)

Shana Little – 2025/2026 Black Team

Additional coaches will be announced at a later date

Confirmed D1-D3 Collegiate Player Coaches: “more to come”

Katie Kerner – Le Moyne

Ava Katinas – UAlbany

McKenzie Ballard – UVM

Aislinn Sweeney – UAlbany

Lauren Gray – Syracuse

Additional Shen Alumni will be announced at a later date, STAY TUNED!

2028/2029 teams will be coached by parents and assisted by the Gang Green staff and HS players when possible.


  1. Email andybullock@nycap.rr.comwith any questions you may have
  2. Email andybullock@nycap.rr.comASAP to provide the name and graduation year of your daughter if she would like to participate in the evaluation on 2/27 for Summer and Fall team placement.
  3. Direct additional program questions to ganggreenlax@gmail.com (do not reply to this email).   

Good luck in your upcoming Spring seasons!! 

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